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I made a polyvore set out of colourful items. I got the idea from a post on http://www.thefashionpolice.net/

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How to make your own Mary Sue name

This origninated on the fanfiction.net forums, but I just stumbled upon it somewhere else.

So, how do you make your own Mary Sue name?

Like this:

1) Your own name with a variation
2) Name of a god/goddess or constellation with the same start as your real middle name
3) A blend of your favourite animal and colour
4) Your mother's middle name with an extra 'Y' 'I' or 'E' for good luck. If you don't know, or she doesn't have one, just make something up.
5) Any random plant
6) A romantic-sounding name
7) Your dad's middle name with extra Y's for good luck. If you don't know or he doesn't have one, make one up.
8) An anime/manga character
9) Anything from your fandom
10) A last name of someone from your fandom who you DON'T want to have anything romantic to do with.

I'm gonna try now...

Victoria Aphrodite Batzurra Gabryelle Dandelion Cécilia Helymut Cain Delilah Disraeli

God God...neither me nor my parents have middle names, so I chose a random goddess and used my parent's first names. Fandom's God Child.
This sounds like the name of an edgy Goff-Sue xD except for 'Dandelion' (such a hardcore plant, that).

And off I go finding decent fanfiction...


Silent Hill Promise

The interactive webcomic Silent Hill Promise has its own website now, yay!

The webcomic is updated daily by greer-the-raven.deviantart.com/ and can be read here:greer-the-raven.deviantart.com/art/Silent-Hill-Promise-1-168357809
The comic is made in the style of an old text adventure game, which means that the readers have to give commands in order to advance the story. The author then chooses the most fitting command and incorporates it into the story.

The story itself is that of a typical Silent Hill game. The protagonist is Vanessa, a niece of James, the protagonist of the second game.
The morning the story begins, Vanessa gets a mysterious call on her cellphone. The caller is James, who went missing three years ago (basically meaning he got one of the bad endings in this continuity) and he's telling her he's waiting for her in Silent Hill.  So that's where she goes then, of course, in order to find her uncle. Like James', her stay in Silent Hill is going to revolve around her own issues rather than the cult, although it's possible it gets a role later on.

The comic is supoosed to feature around five big locations or so and we're currently in the second half of the second location at 564 pages right now., so it's going to continue for a while at last.

Despite the interactive nature, the comic can be read like any other webcomic because the story flows quite well and is very well told. One has to have a decent knowledge of the Silent Hill canon though, especially the second game, otherwise you're missing background info and won't know who James is at all.

The art of the comic is somewhat crude, especially at the beginning, it fits the story though and it does get better after a while. At the beginning some pages aren't coloured completely and the pages look a little like scetches, however it gets better and some of the fully coloured pages look actually very pretty. I'm normally very picky when it comes to art but in this case I don't mind weaknesses at all because SHP is just that good. 

Anyway, the new site can be found here: rookerycomics.com/   There's also another interactive comic on there but I haven't read it yet.

Rookery Comics